A different kind of park: Clemson partners with students to create sustainable orchard

CLEMSON — Most new parks tend to uproot the landscape with turf, playgrounds and pavement. The city of Clemson’s upcoming park project, with design help by landscape architecture students at Clemson University, aims to integrate more with nature.

Situated on a meadow at the intersection of Berkeley Drive and Issaqueena Trail, Berkeley Orchard will be a different type of park than what most people are used to, said Tony Tidwell, director of the city’s Urban and Park Land Management department.

The park will be a sustainable green space, meaning the land will be developed to sustain itself with natural pollination and wildlife access, while also featuring possible improvements like a pecan grove, fig trees and blueberries bushes.

“People are used to that turf and mulch and shrub look,” Tidwell said. “And it’s great, but it’s costly. It’s time consuming. And it ties up a lot of natural resources and, of course, reliance on herbicides and pesticides to keep it looking how it looks.” Read More 

 Landscape Architecture 

David Ferrara