Course Description and Credit Information

**PDF files that can be downloaded and audio files that read the pdf content if you prefer audio**

Course description

This course has some of the top trending news and articles from 2023 in landscape architecture. It offers an exploration of various contemporary topics and trends in landscape architecture. Through case studies, article, and resesarch, attendees will examine the diverse aspects of landscape architecture practice and its impact on the environment, communities, and human well-being. The course will cover a range of subjects such as climate change adaptation, sustainable design principles, innovative court design, cultural and social influences on landscapes, and the intersection of landscape architecture with other disciplines. The course examines the significance of gardens as cultural and artistic expressions, as well as their role in shaping the built environment. The course also investigates healing gardens for children in healthcare facilities, highlighting their benefits, design considerations, and potential policy implications.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will learn some of the top trending topics of 2023 in the Landscape architecture.

2. Participants will understand importance of landscape architecture and garden design in historical contexts.

3. Participants will assess the environmental and developmental impacts of healing gardens on children.

4. Participants will understand the design considerations and strategies for maximizing fun and functionality in specialized areas such as pickleball courts.

General Course Information

Credits  2.75 CEU/CE/PH/CH
Format PDF files that can be downloaded and audio files that read the pdf content if you prefer audio


Course Preview:
Climate change threatens our built environment, from rising sea levels to extreme weather events, and it is critical that architects and landscape architects are prepared to design for a world in which its impacts are the new normal. Dr Matthew Bradbury, associate professor in the landscape architecture program at Unitec’s School of Architecture, says the devastating destruction caused by the T?maki Makaurau floods and Cyclone Gabrielle already shows us the consequences of climate change on our daily lives. Read more